Course on Zoroastrian Religion to be Offered at the Stanford University

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Kambiz Azarian Yazdi: Zoroastrianism, is the focus of an introductory course to be offered at Stanford University in the winter quarter of 2009 (January-March).

This three-unit course which is entitled “Introduction to the Zoroastrian Religion”, explores in detail the origins of the Zoroastrian Religion, its role in the Iranian empires and its relation to Judaism, Christianity, Manichaeism and Islam. The impact of the religion on European literati will also be examined.

Dr. Jennifer Rose, the instructor of the course, is a professor with the School of Religion at Claremont Graduate University. In an interview with WZNN, Dr. Rose mentioned that “Introduction to the Zoroastrian Religion” is currently being offered at Claremont University, with eight students enrolled. She added that her students are majoring in Hebrew Bible, Theology, Religion and Ethics, Philosophy of Religion and Theology, Women’s Studies, the New Testament and History of Christianity.

Dr. Rose received her PhD degree in Iranian Studies from Columbia University in 1993 and has written widely on the subject of Zoroastrianism. She speaks English, French, German and some modern Persian and has reading knowledge of Latin, koine Greek, Hebrew, Avestan and Pahlavi.


  1. Yezad Kapadia Says:

    Would be delighted to have a summary of the contents of this course and the references to literature refereed to in this course.

  2. Ferri Says:

    Is it possible to attend online? Any distance learning plans for this course and how much would it cost?

  3. Maneck Bhujwala, Huntington Beach, CA Says:

    In talking with Dr. Rose after her talk at the Center for Persian Studies at U.C.Irvine on November 20, 2008 I learned that her recent ancestor was a Zarthushti (Zoroastrian).

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