World Zoroastrian Council Meeting in Paris


Members of the World Zoroastrian Council (WZC) from different countries met in Paris on October 18-20, 2008 to discuss WZC’s plans and future road map.
Members of the WZC board of directors and managing committee were among the attendees. Moobed Kamran Jamshidi told WZNN that the purpose of the meeting was to further the objectives of WZC, which is still in the starting phase. “In this phase we are gathering associations and individuals who can help us build a construction as a base for a right advancement”, he then later added.
The final official statement of the WZC meeting will be released soon. WZC is based in Paris and its first meeting was held in October 2006.

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  1. kia Says:

    shoma agar ye paygahi 2rost konid ke az har nazar amniyati dashte bashad javanan e irani hame dustar e zartosht hastand,va bishtar anan zartoshti mishavand. … vali hokumat e eslami sakht dar haras e in nokte ast ke javanan be din pedaran e khod bargardand …
    shoma agar iran ra dust darid be ahura bavar darid sazman haye khodetan ra dar jahat e agah kardan mohajeran e irani be kar barid va az anan hemayat konid chera ke bishtar e mohajeran az daneshamukhtegan and.
    ba sepas