New Dar e Mehr for Zoroastrians in Atlanta


The Atlanta Zoroastrian Association (AZA) provided an update on its efforts to establish a Dar e Mehr in Atlanta, GA and asked its members to vote on two possible paths for proceeding.

The idea of establishing a religious and social center for Zoroastrians of Atlanta, GA and the broader southeastern region was first conceived three years ago. Over the past six months the AZA has invigorated community support and elicited feedback through discussions, finalized the business plan for Atlanta Dar e Mehr, confirmed donations and pledges in the amount of $110,000, and identified more than 30 potential locations for Dar e Mehr.

After a careful vetting of the potential locations against a range of criteria, AZA has identified two locations and asked its members to decide between the following two options for proceeding:
1. Move ahead with one of the two identified sites.
The two sites represent two distinct property “types”, both with distinct advantages and disadvantages. The first is an office condominium and represents the “ready-to-move-in” option. The second is a plot of land with a structure that can best be defined as a “fixer-upper”.

2. Pause and reassess
Look for properties that do not compromise on any of the key criteria identified in the Business Plan (with the caveat that these properties will cost more than the two identified properties).

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