Music Album Produced by Zarthushti Youth in San Diego, USA

The Persian music album “The Gift”, is produced by Zarthushti brothers Bahram and Mehrdad Banki (from San Diego, CA) for Persian artist Tara.  This album was released by label Century Records-USA in September 2008, and consists of nine songs.

To get more information about the album, its producers and other Zarthushti’s involved in the music business, WZNN arranged an interview with Mr. Bahram Banki. WZNN thanks Bahram Banki for his patience and detailed answers to our questions.

WZNN: Could you give more details about “The Gift”, your involvement with it, and in general how you got involved with the Persian music industry?

Bahram Banki: “Album “The Gift” consists of 9 upbeat songs, in which I have composed 7 of them (full lyrics and partial music).  While growing up, I always had a huge passion for Persian music and its involvement.  In 1986 my brother Mehrdad introduced me to Siavash Shams, a singer I idolized, and eventually leading to good family friendship times.  Being around him and getting exposure to the Persian music business only inspired me to take my lyric writing hobby to a higher level, as before it was just for passing time.  Finally in 2004, I decided to write my first full song (“Xmas in Las Vegas”) on a professional level.  Tara, being another good family friend, and a singer with already 2-released albums (“Bahaar” and “Leili”), liked my work and therefore, we decided to make this song an experimental project together.  After a successful production of this song, I was also motivated to write a song about Iran’s national soccer team, as the excitement of World Cup 2006 was on its way.  The song “Maa Goal Zadim” was also made with a music video (available on and went down as my 2nd song written on a professional level.  One event leading to another, mainly inspired by my emotions and feelings, 5 new songs followed.

My Producer title involves me being the composer of almost the entire album, investor and album-partner, and mainly getting the album from point A to Z.  But none of this would have been possible without the help of my oldest brother Mehrdad Banki (album co-Producer and manager), pushing it to happen from point A to Z.  In fact, Mehrdad’s dealing and negotiations made the release of this album possible.”

WZNN: Who were other Zarthushti’s involved with this album?

Bahram Banki: “Other Zartoshti’s directly involved with this album production were my cousin Babak Parsi (Tara’s website developer); Kamran Yasnafar, Rashid Parsi, and Rostam Javidan for their musical support during the making of the first 2 songs; my cousin Farzad Khorshidian (ITN tv host), Ramin Mehrabani (aka DJ Romeo; also Kamyar’s management team, as well as producer for tv show “PMTV Exposed” on Apaddana International) and Behnam Farzaneh (Live Channel tv host) for providing media support and advising.  Honestly, almost the entire Zartoshti community was involved throughout this album production with hanging in there with me and providing motivation/support!”

WZNN: Would you do this again?

Bahram Banki: “Would I do this again?  Right now, I don’t know.  The 4 years had its own ups and downs, and it takes a lot of energy, time, commitment, and financial risk. Currently I have a couple single tracks ready and in the works, for a surprise Zartoshti group, as well as for a follow-up song for Tara, and one for a new artist friend of mine.  It all depends.  Most importantly, if there’s no financial return for all the investment and energy put into it, it is not worth it.”

WZNN: Do you recommend other Zarthushti youth to enter the Persian music and entertainment market?

Bahram Banki: ” I guess it depends on how bad they want it, and how much they’re willing to sacrifice for it.  The pennies and dimes start to add up.  And competition is too high.  Plus, these days it’s all about connections, who you know, and basically “party-baazi”.  Unless you have an exceptional talent or money to throw away, I suggest you finding another passion.  But if you have already entered this market or planning to do so regardless, and it will be just a side hobby alongside your normal job, best wishes for you and make us proud!”

WZNN: Any other comments?

Bahram Banki: “Last but not least, I would like to Thank everyone who knows me and/or reading this, for your support by owning an official copy of “The Gift” album.  Your contribution does not go into our pockets, but your kindness sits in our hearts!

And a special Thanks to WZNN team for all the hard work they put into this great website for the rest of us to enjoy and stay connected with our community.”

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