San Diego Zoroastrians Election Results

san diego

Elections for the first board of directors of San Diego Zoroastrian center was held on Sunday, Nov. 16, 2008 in San Diego, CA.

There were totally 11 candidates and after vote counting finished, the following seven candidates were elected to serve as the Board of Directors:
1. Ramin Amani (40 votes)
2. Rostam Akhtarkhavari (33 votes)
3. Daryush Bastani (39 votes)
4. Mehran Sepehri (38 votes)
5. Bahram Bozorg Chami (34 votes)
6. Niloofar Sepehri (27 votes)
7. Zhaleh Framrose (32 votes)
And the following four candidates were elected as the altrnate members of the BoD:
1. Mehrnoosh Jamshidi (21 votes)
2. Kavous Kont (19 votes)
3. Fereydoun Zandian (17 votes)
4. Kaveh Ghaibi (15 votes)

Thanks to Mr. Rostam Akhtarkhavari for reporting the election results from San Diego.

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